Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Extreme Weight Loss=Extreme Crying

It was way too hot to walk earlier today.  Linda is going to take us later tonight after she finishes watching Extreme Weight Loss.  It's such a good show and yes, she has teared up a few times.  It makes her feel horrible for whining about how hard it is to lose 5 pounds.  This guy lost over 100 pounds in the first 90 days, is working out like a beast and he only has one arm.  Linda was dragging in tonight after teaching all her classes, so tired she contemplated going right to bed without eating.  (Her Fitness Pal tracking system said she was at a negative 34 calories for the day, so she had to eat dinner.)  After eating, she is feeling better and more energetic.  Plus, her pedometer watch is reading only .8 from her normal 10 mile Tuesday, so she has to walk us!
(OK, now she is really crying.  The guy just rode 43 miles on a bike in honor of  his Uncle who died earlier in the month at only 43 years old. He had a bad crash but got back on the bike to finish the ride. His 9 month weigh in: down 208 pounds.  Over half of his body weight.  Now the show producers are giving him a new bionic arm!..... No wait, it might not work....Sniff-Sniff.)