Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fitness Pals

Since Thursday, Linda hasn't watched any TV.  Not because she is giving it up or because the TV is broken, it's because she would rather sit outside and read.  She is like a little kid with a new bike except it's 4 chairs and a table.   The mosquitoes are pretty bad and she has bites on her legs, arms and face, but it was worth it.  Tomorrow she has to buy a few of those bug-b-gone candles.  

It was hard leaving the cozy deck, but a certain hyper dog needed some exercise. Besides her 3 classes today, Linda took Chimi on a long, fast walk this evening. She wanted to get 10 miles in, and she made it to just over to 10.1.  Using the pedometer and the My Fitness Pal app on the iPhone has been so much fun.  Both really encourage her to move more and eat healthier.  Its free to download!
 Penelope's BBF's Mommy took this picture of Penny during one of their picnics.  Linda just loves how she running down the ramp with such purpose!  She looks like she is training for her first 5K.  She is such a strong girl, if she wore Linda's pedometer, I bet she would clock in 10 miles too! They could be Fitness Pals.

Go Penny Go!