Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stay calm, I'm here to help

Whew, it's 10 p.m. and Linda is finally home .  She has been gone all afternoon and evening too.  For her job, she is required to have not only a CPR certification, but a First Responder First Aid certification too.  She is now able to treat you if you have frostbite; hypothermia; heat exhaustion/stroke; a snake bite (including pit vipers); all types of insect and animal bites; get stung by a jellyfish; have an open fractures; get an object embedded in the eye/body; have internal organs hanging out; get electrocuted, fall off a ladder; sever a body part; drink poison; treat shock; deal with severe allergic reactions to food; treat any type of burn; have a gunshot wound; crash your car; get stabbed with a knife or go into diabetic shock.  I'm sure she is forgetting some because her brain is pretty much fried from the class and exam.  She did get 100% on the written and passed the practical, so maybe she should consider a career change and be an EMT.  Not really, just watching the videos of the scenarios was freaking her out a bit (especially the stick impaled in the eyeball one.)   Hopefully the 911 folks will be there before she ever has to find the missing arm; put it it in a plastic bag, wrap it in some newspaper and put it in a cooler full of ice. 

She wants to take another First Aid class that's geared just to children and infants.  There are also pet CPR/First Aid classes.  Might as well make it a trifecta and do all three.