Saturday, June 29, 2013


We all are so happy with our new deck furniture.  Linda loves that she has a table and chair so she can eat her meals outside.  Chimi and I love the shade that the giant umbrella casts.  Our backyard is treeless, so the only shade is under the deck or in some bushes.  We've all been sitting on the deck this afternoon while Linda ate, read and studied.  She is so happy to finally have a real (and pretty!) outdoor set.  Before she can have people over, she has to get a company to come and check the sturdiness of the deck.  It was built before Tierney was born (over 26 years ago) and its never had any maintenance work done to it.  She is afraid that it might collapse under a lot of weight. You can also get wicked splinters if you go out barefoot.  Taylor did spray stain it about 6 years ago and the steps have been replaced, but there are holes and rotting boards on the flooring.
Ms. Handy-Woman (not)

Right after Taylor finished.  It doesn't look this good anymore :(