Monday, June 24, 2013

Killer Smoothie and Dangerous Grass Clippings

This weekend there was a "Super Moon" in the sky.  Translated it must mean "Crazy Chimi."  He has been acting weirder than normal.  His new thing to be afraid of:  Linda drinking her morning smoothie.  He is petrified of the drink going up the thick straw into her mouth.  On Friday, Linda made a little slurp sound while he was napping next to her and he freaked out.  The sonic-sound  of the Ninja blender pulverizing the frozen fruit doesn't bother him a bit though.  Next, he was wary of the grass clippings on his ball in the backyard.  Linda mowed the grass (he was fine and sunned on the deck during the loud noise) but when she went to play ball with him after he didn't like the strands of grass on his ball.  He tried playing fetch, but kept dropping it and backing away from the ball like it was on fire. 
"I just want to stay under the covers on Linda's lap the rest of my life"
I already told you that he is afraid of the plate that Linda feeds him off of.  She had to change to putting his chicken in his emptied water bowl.  If the food was on a flat plate, he would back away from it and bark.  

If Linda could part with him for a few weeks, Chimi would be an ideal candidate to to to Cesar's Dog Ranch and learn how not to be such a chicken-dog.  On the plus side, he is learning to love all dogs and not be afraid of them.  He is also open to meeting any new people and will give them 100 licks on the face to prove his love!