Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great Day!

Linda took Penelope on a little off-road walk today to a fun park.  It's a good think that the Bob stroller can do dirt trails. 
She tried to get Penny to go on the little slide, but she wasn't interested in that one at all.  She wanted to do the big slide that was about 8' off the ground.  That meant that Linda climbed up with her and went down the slide.. over and over and over.
Linda did draw the line at squeezing herself into the swing though. 
"You should try this Nana, its fun!"
Penny was so tired from the walk, park, and all the playing that she went down for an hour and a half nap after lunch.  Linda was thinking of taking a nap too, but she studied and read instead.

Check out Linda's new (to her) deck furniture.  It's so pretty and fits perfectly.  She can't wait to be sit out there with her coffee in the morning.
I'm surprised she didn't make me sit on the chair when she took the photo.