Saturday, June 8, 2013

Keep Your Guard Up

We went for a long walk with Jerry.  He's had to miss his regular days because of work, but today's weather was amazing and he had free time.  Another highlight:  Linda found some discounted expensive canned dog food at the local pet store.  It was on sale for 90% off, so she bought 10 cans. (The cans have an expiration date of July 2013, but we'll eat them all by then.  Chim and I love the food so much that we were scarfing our lunch down.   Linda's had such a fun day too!  9:00 a.m. Aqua Bootcamp class filled the entire pool; next she had 15 little 2-6 year old kids playing zoo, pirates, ponies and safari.  TKD was also super fun.  She really adores all her TKD students, even the 17 year old boy who is taller than she is.  Today he whacked her in the side of the face during sparring.   It's totally Linda's fault.  If she can't block a 1st Degree Black Belts punch, she should get hit.  Makeup will cover the bruise and she was so proud of him for getting past her defense.  (She's gotten over-confident and had stopped wearing her headgear.  Looks like she'll be wearing it from now on.)
Linda also made chocolate chip cookies for her care team meeting tonight.  She's got just enough time to shower, change and read for a little while before she has to leave the house again.