Wednesday, June 12, 2013


"What? Isn't everyone afraid of paper?"
There was an article on the National Geographic website that explained how dogs can have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) just like people.  Well, duh!  Linda could have told you that without a lot of fancy-pants research.  Chimi has the worst OCD ever.   This is just a partial list of some of his repetitive behaviors:  nail chewer; blanket sucker; toy destroyer; and rabbit poop eater.  Other weird things:

 He has to be under the covers with Linda, not on top of the blanket.  If he's not under the covers, he cries and cries while pawing at the blanket.  Seriously, he has a nervous breakdown.

  He is afraid of books or when Linda turns the page of a book.  Even if the book is sitting on the chair, he won't jump up or get near it.

 He won't eat off certain plates.  He creeps up to the plate low to the ground, and reaches out his neck as far as he can to get a nibble.  Then he runs away and hides to eat it.  When Linda uses a plate he likes, he'll gobble down his food in 34 seconds. 

Some days, he's afraid of basically everything during his walk.  Leaves, plastic bags, trashcans, bikes, strollers, newspapers laying in the driveway.  Other days, he'll walk by them perfectly fine.

If a piece of paper grazes his back or near his head, he yelp-screams like it's a sharp dagger digging into his skin.  Then he'll cry for 30 more seconds about the trauma of it all.

Even with all his issues, Chimi is really a sweet and loving dog.  He is very gentle with Penny and knows just how hard its OK to play with me.  
"Don't look at me"