Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nature: part 2 and the heat

Today, Linda found another bird nest.  This one is on under the deck.  In past years, it's been a popular spot for nests, although she has no idea why.  We've always had dogs, and the birds fly away from the nest every time we go outside.

She is kind of proud of herself for taking the nest stuffing out of the dryer vent yesterday.  She still has to do the part inside the house that comes out of the back of the dryer.  Taking it off where it goes into the wall is easy, but she can't move the dryer by herself.  It's shoved in a really tight spot and is pressed to the wall on one side and the washer on the other.  In order to unhook it, she will have to pull in out enough to jump down there behind it.  The problem will be jumping back out, so she is going to wait for help. 

In part 2 of Nature freakouts, Linda got so excited when she saw a large bird on our neighbors deck.  She ran inside to get the camera with the long telephoto lens and snapped a photo before it flew away.  After she looked at the display on the camera, she realized it was a plastic owl.  Duh.
The screen porch is actually two houses away from ours, so you can see how she might have mistaken it for a real bird.  While she was out there, she took a photo of Chim in the yard.  He looked so much like Snickers in the shot it made her a little sad.
If your keeping up on the pill drama, Linda stopped giving them to him when she found another pill on the bedroom floor earlier today.  She is guessing he never actually swallowed one.  This afternoon she walked the grid to make sure all the pills were off the floor.  Inch by inch, every corner of the floors were mopped and vacuumed.
Giant corn dog from last year
Linda decided not to go to her towns little festival this afternoon.  This is the first year she has missed it in forever.  1) It's hot out.  2) She is tired from teaching.  3) There is a weird pain on the top of her foot that is coming and going for no reason.  4)  It's hot out. 

This wok was at least 4' across
She might go tomorrow after church. The craft fair is wonderful.  Each year she treats herself to a special treat.  It's uually a hand-made piece of jewelry, a tote or purse or some kind of fun treat for us.