Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why was the chicken on the road?

On the way home from the gym tonight, Linda saw a chicken on the side of the road.  Not the living chicken that pecks at the ground and goes cluck-cluck.  She saw the kind of chicken that was already cooked on a rotisserie grill. It was in one of those plastic dishes with the see-thru cover.   It was perfectly whole and not crushed at all.  She was only about 1/2 mile past Wegman's.  She is thinking some shopper put it on the roof of the car, loaded their other groceries and drove off with it still on top of the car.  Ha!  She actually thought for about 3 seconds of pulling over and getting it to mix with our dog food, but she had to idea how long it was sitting there. 
If you have a dog or cat, you know that sometimes you don't get up when you planned to because your pet is sleeping so comfortable on top of you.  Chimi is the King of cuddling on top of Linda so she feels guilty about moving.  She was reading in bed, but really had to put down the book and get ready to leave for the gym.  Chim was so adorable napping on her shoulder, she waited 10 more minutes so he could snooze a little longer.
Ignore the up-the-nose position
Sarah sent Linda so many great photos today.  She is going to spread them out so she'll have some new ones to post later in the week.
I told you how happy Penny is while she is home.  Look at that smile!!