Thursday, June 27, 2013

Somthing is Fishy

  There have been a lot of missing pets in our neighborhood in the past few months.  Signs have been up for two missing dogs, a cat and a parakeet. (Pretty sure the parakeet just flew the coop and wasn't nabbed.) Linda has been very careful not to leave Chimi out in the yard while she is gone, even with the fence gate locked.  There have been sightings of bobcats and even bears in our county.  Most likely its a pet-napper in our town  Stealing someones pet is just so wrong.  Linda lost an orange kitty once named Pumpkin.  It was partially her fault though.  The cat used to follow Linda and Snickers on the trail and walk for miles with them, just like she was on a leash.  One day she went outside and never came home.  She was very friendly, so maybe she just made herself at home with another family.
There are no pictures of Pumpkin, so here is a Beanie Baby orange cat.

 Today's news was a little odd though.  Some pets went missing, except they weren't cats or dogs.  They were fish.  Two men, dressed as pond maintenance workers, stole 400 Koi fish from a pond right in our town.  It was at an office center that had a park and pond in the middle of the courtyard. The only description of the men is that they were in their 50's; wearing sunglasses and one man was fat.  Little Koi are inexpensive, but big Koi can cost from $100-$1,000 each.   I had no idea there was a black-market for pet fish.  
If you think of a better fish title... Let minnow.