Monday, June 3, 2013

Bruise Medicine

In all the years Linda has been teaching Body Pump, today was the first time she has ever hurt herself.  She's taught before with a sore back, knee and shoulder, but none of those injuries were from Pump.  It's not a bad injury or anything even dramatic, but it is hurting a bit.
See that bruise on her finger?  She smashed it between two plates. (Not the eating kind of plates.  The kind of plates you put on the end of a barbell.)  Three of her friends have done the same thing with dumbbells resulting in way, way worse injuries: crushed hands, blood and surgery.  This is just a minor bruise and definitely not serious.  Even though it hurt pretty bad when she smashed her finger, she pretended in front of the class that she didn't do anything out of the ordinary. It happened between the triceps and biceps track, so holding onto the bar for curls with a neutral face wasn't easy.  She's glad she taught Body Combat first because making a tight fist for an hour wouldn't have been fun.

She's thinking the only way it would feel better is if she wrapped it around a cold cup of Sweet Frog frozen yogurt.  Lots of candy toppings might make the bruise fade even more.  She even has the remainder of a gift certificate to use.  
Since Monday night is her non-teaching night, she'll be going straight after her 5:00 class is done.  What's better than Sweet Frog for dinner?   Sweet Frog with lots of toppings!!