Friday, June 7, 2013

Dry Clothes and Cupcakes

Linda is celebrating that her dryer is working again.  It never actually stopped spinning, it's just that the clothes wouldn't dry.  She thought it was the bird nest fiasco, but it was probably just coincidence that it got hot again right after Taylor and Sarah fixed the broken silver hose thing.  (Something about circuits, wires, overload...)
Tonight was graduation at church.  As always, Tier rocked the navy outfit and red lip.  Even Taylor got in on the navy and white band wagon. (Penny and Uncle Josh wore their blue too!) 

Penny is wearing her "there are too many people around face" and not smiling. 
There were so many amazing cupcakes: Key Lime; carrot cake, red velvet, coconut, strawberry, lemon plus many more.  Linda had amazing self-control and only ate one (not of each either!) Guess what flavor she ate?
Linda noticed that it looks like her steps are crooked.  Tomorrow she is going to get a level and check