Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No News Day

There is actually a book series about a Chihuahua detective? 
When Linda pulled in the driveway tonight, she could hear us barking from inside the house. This was very mysterious because we are always sleeping when she gets home on Tuesday night.  She raced in because the barking was so intense and scary she thought something had happened to one of us.  There wasn't any injuries or bad people hiding in the house (at least she hopes not.  She hasn't checked behind the shower curtains yet.  Tier, you know what she's talking about.)  Nope, we were just starving and barking for chicken.  We ate breakfast early this morning and she didn't get home until 8:15 tonight so it was kind of an emergency. 

One of the great things about Linda's job is that she gets to teach little kids. A few of her classes have kids as young as 2.  Some of the things she hears about their lives are hysterical.  She's learned this week from a 4 year old what  baby birdie-eggs are and how you have to be really careful with them.  (Think sparring protection.)  Linda could fill a whole blog with funny lines and "private" moments parents don't know their kids are sharing with everyone in class.  Don't worry, your secrets are safe with her.

Bad weather is predicted for the coming days.  Tornadoes touched down not to far from us on Sunday.  Today the weatherman said that maybe, a derecho could happen again.  Remember last year when the derecho storm came up out of nowhere?  It was so scary that Linda actually took us into a room with no windows.

Sorry, nothing newsworthy happened today so it was just a filler post.