Saturday, June 22, 2013

So Tired

My legs are only 2" long, but they do reach all the way to the floor (har-har)
 It's been a long Saturday for Linda.  She's home and in her pj's ready for some reading and bed.  This morning's Aqua Boot Camp class seems like it was a week ago, not 12 hours ago.  She had to attend the Gold's all-staff meeting today at 2:00 in the traffic-construction nightmare place, but Yay! there wasn't any traffic at all.  The rehire process was painless and she got to see an old friend.  The worst part was that her morning shake at 8:00 didn't quite carry her all the way through classes, the meeting and grocery shopping after.  She was lightheaded and queasy from lack of food.  It's OK though, she made up for missing lunch with a yummy dinner and a small cup of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert.  After eating she rallied enough to take Chimi for a walk.  Since Jerry took us this morning, I didn't want to go again.  One walk a day is enough for me.  My little legs are so short that I have to take 10 steps to Chimi's one step.
Linda's favorite part of the day was opening her email and finding fun pictures of Penelope!  Penny loves to play in the rain.  Sarah is the coolest Mom ever and lets her sit in puddles and splash. 
This is her sad face because the rain stopped.