Friday, June 7, 2013

Donuts Day

Happy National Donuts Day, if donuts are your kind of thing.  Linda could stare at a box of donuts for days and not be tempted to eat one.  She's probably ate a total of 3 donuts in the last three years.  The same can't be said for cookies, cakes or ice cream.  When she was little, she disliked donuts. Her first bite was a jelly donut and it was gross so she thought all donuts tasted bad.  Later as a grownup, she tried different kinds and they were OK.  She's also never had a hot Krispy Kreme, so that could be part of why she doesn't love them. Lots of places are doing free donuts today to celebrate.
There is a pet store by Gold's Gym that has special handmade donuts for dogs.  Linda might stop after classes and get Chim and I each a treat.