Thursday, June 13, 2013

Penny Says Nana and Mystery Bruises

The predicted storm was a wash-out.  We had a few minutes of driving rain, and then it stopped.  The wind didn't even move the chairs on the deck or blow any branches down.  Tierney and some of Linda's friends lost power, but it only blinked a second and then came back on at our house.   There were a bunch of people missing from Linda's Body Pump class this afternoon.  The tornado warning was still in effect, so some regulars stayed home.  There were still 30 people who braved the rain and dark skies. 

Penny has changed so much in the last 2 weeks.  She is copying words now, and says so many things. Today she said "up" so Linda would carry her; ball; Nana; ....oop (not the Ch part - but she knows my picture. For Chimi's photo, Linda thinks she says "pup.")  She also kind of said Tierney only it came out like "turnee" or something.   As soon as Linda gets to Penny's house, she'll start grabbing for Linda's purse.  The very first thing she wants to do is look at the photos on the iPhone.  Her favorite are videos of Chim and I barking.  She knows how to swipe to the next photo and how to press the play button on videos. When the camera is flipped so she can see herself, she loves to make faces


 No, seriously, I am really quite good looking.

Being so ridiculously gorgeous makes a baby tired.

(Tierney just stopped in for a visit! She did these captions for me. Whole trees blew over at her house and one landed on a neighbors car.  Her street was even blocked by downed trees. She is only a 5 minute drive from us.)

Linda has been puzzled by some mystery bruises on her arms.  At first she was blaming Penny because she likes to pinch the skin on Linda's arms.  She thinks its funny when Linda goes "OUCH!" The three bruises she had were fading, but today... two new ones showed up and it wasn't Penelope's fault.  It's only on her right bicep. 
What could it be from?