Saturday, June 15, 2013

She has shoes to match

Linda volunteered to watch Penny tonight while her Mommy and Daddy had a date night.  Remember Thursday when I blogged how much she was changing?  She grew-up even more in just two days.  Her new favorite thing is carrying a purse.  It's filled with all sorts of "big girl" things like (outdated) credit cards, a cell phone, compact, and other important items.  One thing it must have been missing was a hair brush.
"Nana, this hairstyle rocks.. what are you talking about?"
She puts the purse on her shoulder, waves and says "Bye-Bye!" 

They took a long walk, ate a snack, reviewed all the pictures and videos on the iPhone, read books, watched Tarzan and eventually Penny had a bath and got in her jammies. 

Just in case you missed your daily picture of Chim cuddling with Linda.. here is today's.  He is now sucking on his paw since he doesn't have a woobie anymore.