Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wine and Tuna

Severe thunderstorms are predicted this afternoon, so Linda said there will be no walk today (unless its dry after she gets home later tonight.)  That's fine with me.  It's so hot that I had to be carried down the deck steps since the heat/humidity makes my asthma kick in.  Just losing the 1 pound has helped my breathing, but the hot weather (or if I get really excited about seeing someone!) makes me wheeze and gasp. 

Linda isn't happy about her lunch today.  She splurged on a frozen pizza that turned out to be terrible.  California Kitchen has a freezer brand that usually are pretty good.  Since she eats 1/3 of the pizza at a time, it only works out to about $2.50 a serving.  Except she is throwing the rest of it in the trash.  How could you mess up Roasted Vegetable pizza?  By smothering it in a white wine sauce.  She didn't read the fine print.  There was a bottle of wine on the front of the box, but she just assumed it was a suggestion "this would taste good with white wine."  Nope, the pizza tasted like she was sucking on the cork of a bottle of Chardonnay.  
 I guess if you like to drink white wine while you are eating your pizza, it might be fine. 

I hated my lunch today too.  Linda was out of chicken to mix with our wet food so she used part of a can of tuna.  Chimi gobbled his down but I wouldn't eat mine and just kept pacing and whining over the bowl trying to get it to turn to chicken.  He ended up eating mine.  I've been sadly nibbling on dry food to sate my hunger.
Is this what people mean when they say they ate a can of tuna for lunch?