Monday, June 17, 2013

Da-Da Day & Roll Over

Penny sure loves her Daddy and she was sure to show him lots of attention on Father's Day.  He's really an amazing Dad to her and great husband to Sarah (oh, and don't forget great son!)  Even though he works a full time job, is getting his Master's degree, commits a lot of time to church and serving others, and is training for a 50 mile race... he still seems to make his little family one of his top priorities.

 At 14 months, Penny is already saying so many words!  Every time Linda sees her, she surprises her with something new.  So far Linda hasn't heard her put two words together (like:  Nana, Up!) but she says them one at a time.  She is skilled at letting you know exactly what she wants, even if she doesn't know the word for it yet.  I'm sure the first complex sentence she says will be "Nana, show me a video of Choopie barking."  Right now, she just points at Linda's phone and says "Choop."

This is her new favorite video that Linda took on Saturday.