Monday, June 24, 2013

Cookie Monsters

Yum.. Yum.. Yum...
Penny had a picnic lunch with 3 of her BFF's today.  It was also the first time she ever tried an Oreo cookie.  Based on how she is stuffing her face, I think she liked it!  Who doesn't like cookies though? Ever since Linda decided that Chim and I needed to lose weight, we only get a small cookie-treat twice a week.  I'm so much slimmer now.  Linda had to use my puppy harness for the walk tonight.  My newer harness (3 years old) is too big.  Chimi has also slimmed down and is looking mighty fine.  Linda has lost weight too!  A few pairs of her favorite jeans are too big now.  I guess giving up french fries, pizza and daily desserts works.  She still has a small treat now and then, but the key word is small.  

I wonder if they shared their cookies with the geese?