Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Silly Goose

Ever since Penelope has been just a few weeks old, she's watched Nana (aka Linda) practicing her Body Combat routines.  Penny loves to watch and even claps when Linda does the kicks and punches.  Linda thought Penny was just enjoying watching her be silly, but no.. she was actually learning some serious Ninja moves.

Sarah took Pen to the park today for a picnic lunch.  One obstinate goose was pestering them and trying to eat Penelope's food. 
"Um... excuse me Mr. Goose, that's my Chic-Fil-A!"

 Sarah said every time the goose would try to peck at the food, Penny would let loose a front kick and punt the goose away!
"Nana, don't be calling PETA on me.  It was self-defense!"

In other exciting Penny news, look what she learned to do yesterday.
Linda did NOT teach her that trick.