Friday, June 21, 2013

Speed Bump

"Get off your cell phone and drive already!"
There are people that have to deal with work/traffic/job stress every day.  Sometimes Linda reads Facebook posts of friends that have super demanding jobs that keep them chained to a desk for 12 hours a day.  Some have to sit in traffic hours to and from work.  Linda is spoiled with her fun job and short, easy commutes.  The longest drive is three Body Pump or Combat songs.  (Every driving or walking distance is measured in song lengths.  A long dog walk is 10 songs, a short walk 4 songs. She is always practicing for a current or new release.)  Teaching is so fun and rewarding, she loves every single class and has easy drives. So today, it was very strange that Linda had a frustrating afternoon/evening because of work stuff.  One of her gyms is being bought out by Gold's Gym.  This is a good thing, except that Linda has to go through the re-hire process with the new owners.  She wasted 2 hours driving in bad traffic, detours, construction, accident back-ups, getting lost, paying tolls, paying for parking only to have to go through it all again tomorrow to attend a mandatory meeting/orientation at a Marriott Hotel in a very busy city.  Blah.

Stop whining Nana! It was just a speed-bump.