Monday, June 17, 2013

Mysterious Bruises part 2

It's never a good idea to google a medical condition.  The first thing you do is self-diagnose the absolute worse possible scenario.  There are more bruises on Linda's bicep.  The old ones had faded and then "wham!" a new big bruise.  It's probably because shes such a toughie she doesn't realize that some gruesome troll hiding under the bed is pinching her while she sleeps....Or.... Dr. Google says it could be from rigorous strength training causing tears in blood vessels; especially in athletes :)  But why is it just one arm since she curls a bar with plates? It could also be from weird supplements, but shes not taking any.  Lack of some vitamins or folic acid seem unlikely since she is eating so healthy now. Scarier causes:  a bleeding or clotting disorder; liver disease, lupus, cancer or myleloma (she'll have to google that last one, but maybe not.)   It takes a whole lot worse than some bruises to get Linda to go to a doctor.  She walked around (and taught a bunch of fitness class each week) for a year with a totally torn ACL in her knee.  It would have been her 3rd ACL replacement on the same knee and she was kind of done with the whole surgery and rehab thing.  She waited until she couldn't walk without a cane and then got a total knee replacement.  Since her ACL's weren't lasting, she figured she would just do the whole shebang at once.

She's thinking the real cause is not enough Sweet Frog in her diet.  She's only been 2 times in probably 4 months!