Monday, June 3, 2013

Blast from the Past

This photo so made Linda laugh.  She was doing a TKD demo at a local festival years ago.  She doesn't know the exact date, maybe about 12 years ago?  I hope it was on the 4th of July because if not.. that choice of Gi is hysterical.  She'll have to check her old uniforms to see if she still has it for this July 4th!   Her team also did a Cardio Kickboxing demo.  This was before any of the gyms were doing Body Combat. (They also filmed TV Kickboxing workouts that were on the local cable channel.)  Linda choreographed all her own routines.  Check out her front kick! 
I don't think she kicks that high now.  If she did, she would pull her hamstring for sure.
This old photo made Linda a little teary.  A friend of hers was dying of cancer so her 4 kids moved in with her while the friend was in Hospice and then eventually passed away.  This was little Brian. She's thinks it's around 1992 or 93. Wonder where he is today??