Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cowgirl Penny

Sarah said that Penelope loves her pink cowgirl boots so much that she cries at nap time when she has to take them off.  Her Daddy was the same way with his favorite clothes.  He only wanted to wear a special tank top and a hooded jacket Linda made for him.  When he got a little older, he wanted to wear two or three outfits at the same time!  There are some adorable photos of him wearing every piece of clothing he got for Christmas one year.  He wouldn't take them off!  Linda has to scan the old photos into her laptop.  Taylor never had such cool cowboy boots though!

(The blogger interface has been buggy.  We are getting weird "warning" messages and Linda is having a hard time signing in.  She has to figure out who to contact for help.  Hoping this works!)