Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going for the Gold

Penny hasn't been much of a pool fan until today.  On Thursday, she watched her two friends splash and play, but she wasn't all that interested in actually stepping into the pool.  When Linda put her in, she would climb back out.  Both Riley and Ben were putting their faces under and rolling around though.  Today, Sarah and Taylor were going out for an ice cream date.  Penny walked out of the house and jumped belly first right into the pool!  Clothes, shoes and everything!! 
Ha!  I guess she just wanted to do it in her own time and when no one was pressuring her.  
She even put her whole face under water.  Better sign her up for swim lessons soon.  Linda has a friend at Gold's who is an amazing kids swim instructor.  There is even a kiddie sized pool at the Ashburn gym that she could actually stand up in. Maybe Linda will take her there swimming this Thursday. Future Olympian Miss Penelope!