Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Perfect 10

The carrot cake is still in our freezer (which is amazing since Linda usually doesn't have that kind of self control.)   She was planning on eating it tonight, but she just doesn't have the energy to walk into the kitchen and defrost it.  Tuesday night is always Linda's tired night.  She has to have the food pre-made and ready to eat or she just skips dinner. Tonight she had a small piece of leftover pizza dipped in some guacamole.  It's a good thing her pedometer-watch is at a perfect 10 or she would have to jog in place to round it up. (kidding, but just kind of.)  Jerry took us for a long walk before she got home, so Chimi and I are tired too.  At least she fed us a good dinner.

That's from a Sculpt class, Kid Fit, Body Combat and Aqua Boot Camp
There were no new Penny photos today, so instead.. here is one from the Cancun vacation a few years ago. 
Penny was there, you just can't see her in Sarah's belly!