Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fireworks :(

Happy 4th to Everyone! (except dogs.) This is the worst day..whole weekend really.. for dogs.  There probably isn't a dog alive who actually likes fireworks.  There were a few last night, and a few big bangs already today.  Linda is trying to decide if she should meet her friend at the firework display in our town, or just stay in and comfort us while they all go boom-bang.  Chimi did go with Linda to the big church picnic today.  He was happy to see Tierney and Penny, but otherwise he either stayed under Linda's chair or sat on her lap in the shade. Penny had a blast!  She was playing with all the big kids and running around with a huge smile on her face!  Chimi was so tired when they got back that he went right to bed and has been sleeping ever since.  It would have been way too hot for me, so I stayed home in the air-conditioning.   

Early this morning, Linda decided she wasn't leaving the house until she got the deck umbrella up.  She knew she wanted to sit outside today and that the sun would be brutal.  She didn't really do anything different than the other days, except she knew this time she wasn't giving up.  After a few failed attempts, the ring slid up just enough that she could work the pin into the hole.  YES! 
After lounging out there for awhile this afternoon, she decided now she needs to get a small grill.  It would be really nice to be able to cook her dinner outside while she sips some ice tea.  Maybe she'll just bring the George Foreman grill outside and pretend its a BBQ.