Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot enough for you?

Ha!  Two posts in one day.   Linda actually thought that she posted this mornings update last night.  I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but the day has felt a million hours long.  We all got up around 5 a.m. so by the time she left for classes at 9:15, it felt like 1/2 the day was already over.  Even though PW came over while she was gone, we didn't do our normal Friday walk.  It's so hot out that it could be dangerous for us.  There is this special dog vest that you soak in water and it keeps pups super cool during walks.  I'm sure its not small enough for me and Chimi would freak out if Linda tried to put a cooling vest on him.  I bet he would like it once he got used to it though. 
It should have a D-ring on the back to attach the leash.

Instead of being hot this morning, it took Linda a whole hour to get warm after her Aqua Boot Camp class.  (She had some time to wait between her two classes.)  The pool heater is broken at the gym. This normally wouldn't be a problem if you were outside in 98 degree weather.  When an indoor pool has no heat, it's freezing since there isn't any sun to warm it up.  When she jumped in it felt like one of those Tough Mudder obstacles where you jump in the dumpster full of ice.  The students were brave and all finished class.  (When the Triathlete woman swimming laps told Linda the water was cold, she knew it was going to be icy.  They are always complaining the pool is too warm.)  One woman joked she was wearing a wetsuit to tomorrows class. Doing class in cold water actually burns more calories, so maybe its a good idea to keep it like that.
The pool at the gym is so fancy!