Saturday, July 27, 2013

Daniel Boone, great philosophers and carrot cake

Taylor embracing his inner Daniel Boone
It's been a fun Saturday for Linda.  Taylor was supposed to run a 50 mile race today, so Linda had gotten a TKD sub to teach her classes so she could go support him.  It was way back in the winter when they made the plans, and she actually forgot about it.  Taylor injured his leg and hasn't been able to run long distances without pain, so he had to drop out of the race.  Her Aqua class was canceled because the pool heater is still broken and her friend taught her Kid Fit class.  Everything just lined up to a big surprise day off.  

After sleeping in (until 5:30 a.m... for some reason Linda is having a hard time going back to sleep when she naturally wakes up) and enjoying an hour of quite time on the deck, she went shopping.  She had to buy a bridal shower present and then spent an hour at the mall.  Next Sarah and Taylor picked her up and they went to an old country town for lunch and to do some antique store browsing.  Penny was pretty happy to see her Nana.  Taylor tried on this Daniel Boone coat at a thrift store, but it was a little too small for him.
The Outback website says this is two servings... not. 

Later on, Linda met Tierney for some more fun.  They went to Outback and Linda scored a free piece of carrot cake from the manager on their way out the door.  Its actually in our freezer right now.  She'll probably parcel it out and eat it over a few days. 
"Hmm... I wonder if I packed enough shoes?"
Tierney leaves tomorrow for her whirl-wind European trip.  She'll be visiting Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Turkey.  She promised Linda she would send updates via email.  

It's a good thing JWalker came today while she was gone or we would have had a seriously boring day.  He took us for a long walk and spent some time playing with us.
Back in the day when we still had carpet (and Jerry had an earring.. or that might be a tick)