Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Curly-Q's and Crazy Hair

No posting yesterday because Linda pretty much went right to bed when she got home from her classes last night.  Tuesday has always been a busy day, and she does come home tired.  Last night it wasn't just a "my muscles are sore and I'm kinda' crabby" feeling.  It was a "I'm brushing my teeth and going right to bed because I can't keep my eyes open" night.  Her pedometer-fitness watch read 10.2 miles and 2,500 calories... and that's without walking us.  One day she is going to keep track of the weekly mileage and calorie burn like fitness bloggers do.  Linda's hair was so funny when she took her pony-tail out before jumping in the shower.  She had it up since 6 a.m. including getting it wet in the pool and drying still with the tight elastic.  The hair stuck straight back like it was in an invisible elastic!  If she would have brushed it out and went to bed like that, here is what she would have looked like in the morning.

It's a good thing Jerry got off work early and was able to come and walk us while Linda was gone.  Even with an hour jaunt around the neighborhood, Chimi was still flipping out and wanting to chase his ball at 8:30 p.m.  That pup has endless energy. 
Look at the way my tongue does a double curly-Q.