Saturday, July 13, 2013

Killer Brownies

Nothing new to post since Linda was gone basically the entire day.  She just got home a little bit ago from her church meeting and is heading to bed in 3 minutes.  We did get a long walk this morning with J, but there is no way Linda is taking us out for the second walk tonight.  She is tired and has a wicked headache behind her left eye.  (That is a weird place to get a headache, isn't it?) 

There aren't any pictures from today, so here are some old ones.  For the people who blast blogs that post old photos, guess you better stop reading now (or complain about it on your own blog.)  Here are random food photos that Linda wishes she could eat right now:

Dear Sarah, would you make these pizzas again?
Tier's leopard and nautical themed 25th birthday

These were from Wholefoods.  I guess killer brownies are better than brownie killers. 
Linda's breakfast of champions