Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red, White and Blue

Rocking the red/white/blue swimsuit!
This photo was from the first time Penny ever went in the ocean.  She was so cute in her little bathing suit.  Now she is such a big girl, saying so many words and doing lots of stunts (like climbing and jumping, running as fast as she can away from Mommy!)  Penny decided that the loud booms from the fireworks weren't her favorite thing.  She didn't actually cry, but she did whine and stress during the loud explosions.   They parked about 100 yards from where the fireworks were being set off, so Linda sat with her in the car and they watched them through the front windshield.  She liked them much better from the safety of the car. The finale was so loud and bright that it looked like daytime. Taylor made two new friends from Senegal, Africa.  He invited both guys to church and they said they would come.  Sarah took some photos of the fun night but she hasn't sent them to us yet.  When she does, we'll post them here! 

Make it stop!
Neighbors are still setting off their own fireworks on our street.  I'm doing my usual panting freak-out and Chimi is plastered under Linda's arm.  We do have to go out into the backyard soon because Linda wants to go to bed. We'll do our business as quick as possible and scamper right back inside.