Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Silly rabbit and all thumbs

For the past month, Chimi has been rolling around the backyard in piles of bunny poop.  He's also been eating the poop after he coats his fur with it.  (As nervous and neurotic as Chimi is, he strangely enjoys when Linda gives him a bath.  It's a good thing or he'd have to live outside in the doghouse because he stinks.)  The bunny is so dumb that we are all surprised it hasn't ended up torn to pieces like the rest of Chimi's furry toys.  Linda is thinking it has to be someones pet bunny that got lose because its basically tame.  It waits until the very last second, right when Chimi is sprinting down the deck steps, to take off and get to safety.  Today, Linda walked right up to the bunny and it never stopped munching on the clover.  It looked at her and went back to chewing. 

Little Bunny Foo-Foo
Of course Linda isn't sure if that was the bunny that is leaving all the poop in the yard.  Maybe bunnies are like mice.  If you see one mouse in the house, it means you have a whole slew of mice living inside.  There could be a den of bunnies just pooping away all over our yard.  All we can hope for is that Chim doesn't end up actually catching one.  It was bad enough when Chip bought a half-dead mouse into the house.  If Chimi drags in a wounded bunny, Linda would call 911.

Speaking of 911, someone near our house must have called 911 from a cell phone a few hours ago.  The police, firetrucks and ambulance came racing down our street.  They got out and milled around, but couldn't seem to find any emergency.  If the call came from someones house, wouldn't they go up to the door?  For about 5 seconds Linda thought someone called 911 when they heard her scream OUCH! She was on the deck trying once again to get our deck umbrella up.  The giant gash from last weekend finally healed up, and she split it open again trying to push the darn thing open.  This time she stood on a chair to try to get better leverage.  Its probably a good thing she cut her thumb open again. She might have fallen off the chair and totally over the deck rail she was standing next to if she kept trying.  It's so maddening that she can't open it.  Like someone told her, she should be ashamed of her weakness not being able to do it.  She does all those push ups, clean and presses, and triceps extensions and she can't push open an umbrella.
It feels worse than it looks.
The next guy who comes over to our house is going to help her open it and its staying open unless there is a hurricane or tornado warning.