Monday, July 8, 2013

Just a normal Monday

When Linda leaves for the gym, she has started closing all the doors in the house except for the den door.  It used to make Chimi upset because he loves to nap on the big bed while she is gone.  I'm not fussy which of my beds I use (I have three.)  The past few weeks I've started sleeping weird places anyway.  Up against the couch, behind the bean-bag chair, or on the cool hardwood floor.  One day Linda noticed that if she opened the blinds by the lounge chair, it made a perfect patch of sunlight on the chair.  Now he is getting up there on his own every morning as soon as she starts getting her sneakers on. He loves it!

Linda is definitely going to Sweet Frog after her YMCA classes today.  She made sure she has enough calories left to splurge on a few yummy toppings.  If the rain holds off, shes planning on riding her bike.  I used to ride along in the carry-me front pouch, but I don't really like it anymore after the very close encounter we had with the deer on the trail.  Now when I see the pouch, I run and hide.  Deer are terrifying!
My face as the deer crossed the path 2 feet in front of us. Pure terror.

"Are they coming back??"