Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jalapeno Hot

It's so hot out today that the deck was burning Linda's feet.  She was fine as long as she was eating her lunch under the awesome umbrella! but when she went to walk around, her bare feet started burning like crazy.  If her feet were burning, our paws would definitely burn on the sidewalk.  We were going to go down on the trail for an afternoon adventure with Penelope, but Linda canned the idea.  Plus it would be really hard to get the Bob stroller across the streams and carry both Chim and I at the same time.  I could sit in Penny's lap and Chim could just run through the water, but then she would have to give him a bath because river water stinks on dog fur.  He was able to walk across these stepping stones, but he either forgot how or chickened out.  Snickers used to love the water crossings.  He would always wade in and rest for a spell to cool off.  When the water is high, there were spots he could dog paddle around.  
When it rains a bunch, these stones are totally covered
*Jalapeno chili peppers are not actually that hot.  Linda looked it up on Wiki.  There are lots of chili peppers way hotter!  If she titled the post "Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Hot" everyone would have been confused.  That pepper is about 240 times hotter than a jalapeño!