Monday, July 22, 2013

Penny rocking the nautical look

I wouldn't go for our walk tonight, even though it is not really that hot.  I don't believe Linda that I won't overheat and have a seizure, so I'm still hiding when she gets the leashes out.  Chimi went without me, and they did 1 mile lickity-split.  He can pee while he's moving, so they never had to stop.  He's afraid when she jogs. If the leash or collar touches his ear, tail, backside or otherwise brushes his body he flips out and loses total control of his body.  He just flops to the ground like a soggy pancake.  

Here is the promised Penelope picture from yesterday.  Her outfit is so adorable!  She needs to get some red or navy boat shoes to match.  The pants aren't supposed to be capri's but the waist was too big and Sarah had to roll them up so they wouldn't fall off.   She better not jump into her pool wearing this little number. 
This outfit makes me look short Nana.
Penny is waking up every morning calling for her "Nana."  Maybe Sarah can get a video of it and send it to us.  They both went for a bike ride this morning on a beautiful trail, but we don't have a picture to show you. 

The Royal Baby was born today in England.  It is a boy.  There are betting pools what the name is going to be.  I think they should name him Simba.
Then he could be the Lion King