Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Faces of Penelope

"Don't be taking my bread Riley! A girls got to have her carbs!"
"Whoa!!  How did this cow get so flat?"

Penelope makes some of the best faces ever.  A lot of the time when she is in a crowd of people, she has this board face that looks like she is totally uninterested in life.  When she is with the family or a few people she is close to; she has dozens of different expressions that are so funny.  This cow chair seems to be making her happy, Riley eating her bread.... not so much.
Penny loves pressing the beep button on Linda's pedometer watch
This is her "I'm tired from playing in the baby pool" face.  Penny loves sitting on Linda's lap and will reach for her and say "up" the second she sees her. Now she is starting to cry when her Nana has to leave, and it makes Linda feel so sad. 
Chilling with sippy cups and pretzels during a pool break