Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birds Eye View

Linda had the best day mowing ever.  It was hot though, the no-joke kind of hot.  The heat index was 100, but the grass was so long that it just had to be cut.  The trick to getting it done is that she comes right in from church, changes her clothes without sitting down and goes right back out to get the mower ready.  If she takes a little break or eats lunch, then there is a good chance that the mowing will get shuffled to the bottom of her to-do list.
The backyard doesn't look like a hill, but the shallow part isn't in the picture.
Usually, she likes to use mowing as a workout, but not today.  Our yard is kind of big and on a hill. If she sprints 2 or 3 up-and-backs pushing the mower up hill, then walks a lap... it feels like interval training.  She walked the entire time today.  Wow, what a difference!  Sure she was sweating, but her heart rate stayed only slightly elevated and she could have mowed all day.  Too bad the trimmer thing ran out of string because only 1/2 the front yard got done.
Back when our grass was super green

What made it the best mowing day ever?  There are two robins nests under the deck on the cross beams.  They nest rims are eye level, but Linda hasn't wanted to get too close to the eggs.  Today there were baby bird heads squawking out of the nest with their little mouths open.  Ah!!!  It was so adorable.  The Mommy bird flew back into the nest to guard them while Linda was about 3 feet away.  She didn't finish mowing under the deck because she didn't want to disturb the little family.  Linda has such a soft-spot for wildlife, especially if they have babies.  She really wants to go take a picture, but you'll just have to settle for a google search photo. 
There are a lot of articles about people raising baby robins by hand if they fall out of the nest. Linda is hoping that doesn't happen because Chimi will get to it first and there won't be much left to raise. Robins have an 80% mortality rate in their first year of life.  Hopefully, none of the squirrels or other critters in our yard can get to them before they grow-up.