Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cool Weather and Cows

During our walk tonight, Linda was a little chilly.  Yup, you read that right.  After days of blistering hot weather, it has cooled way down.  We did our normal walk together, then Linda put me back inside and did a longer jog with just Chim.  He's still afraid to run, but he's getting much braver.  Only once did he put the breaks on and almost come out of his collar.  She is not sure what happened to cause him to stop, but she was yanked backwards while he did his flat-as-a-pancake impression.  Chim is also petrified of this: 
It's a canteen that she has been using to make sure we have fresh water during walks.  Chimi thinks its a Chihuahua killing tool because he won't go anywhere near it and cries when he sees Linda get it from under the counter.  He was nervously wagging his tail and making sure it stayed safely on the table while she took a picture of it.   Two aggressive big dogs lunged towards us tonight, but he merrily went on his way without a second glance.  Just don't get near him with a plastic bag or canteen. 

Penny and Linda had a great morning hanging out and going to check on the soccer camp at church.  She had two of her TKD kids enrolled and promised them she would come and say Hi. 
Here they are in the gym during the closing assembly.   There is a painted horse on the wall right behind them.  Penny was sure it was a cow and kept pointing at the mural while "mooing" during the awards and prayer.  (To be fair, it does kind of look like a cow.)