Friday, July 26, 2013

Introducing Blue Bear

When Taylor was just one day old, he received Blue Bear has a welcome to the world gift.  Blue Bear was his first and favorite stuffed animal.  It went EVERYWHERE with Taylor.  Once it was left in a booth at a Roy Rogers restaurant.  When Taylor discovered it missing a few hours later, Linda piled both Tierney and Taylor back in the van and sped back to see if it was still there.  It was under the table they were sitting in.  Thank goodness!  Blue Bear eventually wore out and started to lose his stuffing. Linda scoured the earth trying to find an exact duplicate.  She was in Baltimore and found the same Blue Bear.  During the night, she changed out bears and Taylor was none the wiser. 

Now Penny is carrying on the Blue Bear tradition.  Linda bought it for her a long time ago, but she's just started loving him in the last few weeks. 
Her other lovey is Lamb. 

A Blue Bear has got to eat too!

Try not to be too jealous of these overalls Penny got as a gift.  She was actually afraid to put them on!  Sarah will be cutting off the trim and tutu part to make little shorts for her.