Saturday, July 6, 2013

So Fun

It's been a very busy and fun two days for Penelope.  The fireworks last night were a little too exciting for her though.

 She went hiking and swimming this morning with her Mommy and Daddy.  She's been an outdoorsy girl ever since she was a wee-little baby.  Taylor still carries her for hours in the backpack, even though she is now 30 pounds.

Later this afternoon she came over to our house while Taylor and Sarah went to a dinner party.  The first hour was dedicated to chasing Chimi and I all around the house.  Next Linda read her some books (that were Taylor's when he was just a little boy) and made her a yummy dinner.  As soon as the weather cooled down a bit, Linda took her on a long walk with Chimi.  He wasn't afraid of the stroller at all this time.  All that activity made Penny sleepy and she wanted to sit and relax awhile.
What in the world is that circle on Linda's shoulder?  It looks totally weird.  I don't think that is on the anatomy chart.  It's bizarre. 
Penny was singing along to Sesame Street.  They watched an old-school Sesame Street classic on Netflix from the 50's.  Linda didn't know the show was even on then!