Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Memories

The UPS man left a package on the doorstep today.  Linda had ordered some coffee and Pop Chips from Amazon a few days ago (Thanks for the gift card Kristin!) so she thought maybe it was those.  Then she realized it was a small envelope, way too small for Pop Chips.  The delivery guy left the wrong box.  She walked it 10 houses down to the right address, and sure enough her package was on their doorstep.  She switched them (hoping it wasn't against the law.)  Her prize wasn't food or coffee, it was her Mom's old wedding album from 1951.  Her cousin Judy (from old-school NJ)  found the photo book and sent it to her.  So many great shots!  Nick was so handsome and Mae was so beautiful.  Tierney has her same smile (and it looks like Mae is wearing Rub Woo red lipstick too!)
They had to get married on the Rectory steps because Mae wasn't Catholic and they wouldn't let her in the church. 

Linda didn't even turn on her laptop yesterday, so no post on Tuesday.   She has been going to bed by 9 or 9:30 p.m and not checking any blogs or FB.  Last night she was in bed 9 hours and woke up feeling awful.  There isn't any time to feel bad though, life goes on.. classes need to be taught and house things taken care of.  She isn't sick, just physically exhausted.  It feels like she has run a marathon everyday for a year (but two on the last day) except the woman who actually did it probably didn't feel bad at all.   Linda's upped her water intake and started eating more almonds/nuts to replenish the sodium from sweating, but it's not working.  The headache behind her eyes (sometimes the right, sometimes left) won't stop.  Maybe she better check the symptoms with Dr. Google before she goes to the Dr. and wastes a $40 copay.