Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Linda hasn't been outside at all today and it's made her sad.  Last night, she sat on the deck for 10 minutes while we took our time sniffing around the yard.   The term "eaten alive by mosquitoes" isn't exactly true, but she had cluster bites on her legs, arms and neck.  When any kind of bug stings or bites Linda, she gets giant lumps that swell up.  During the day, there are big bees, little tiny bees, flies and some kind of ridiculous flying beetle bugs.  At night, add the mosquitoes to the mix and you have a serious plague of bugs.  She has been searching for some natural remedies to deal with the problem that are kind to humans and pets. One of the popular Pintrest ideas for flies:  a baggie full of water with pennies in the bottom.  It's scientific. Honest. 
This horse looks fly-free!
Another one is a combination of essential cinnamon oil mixed with vodka.  Maybe the flies get drunk off the fumes and pass out. 

"I told you to stop drinking"
There were lots of natural bee repellent ideas including cucumber peels, garlic and soapy water.  Linda liked the idea of baby oil best.   It will keep her skin smooth and it won't harm the bees. 

The best idea she found to handle all the bugs at once was this:

Before she goes to enjoy her time on the deck, she could just suit-up and herself without having to deal with the annoying bites and stings.