Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yet another exciting umbrella post

Linda was stressing a little bit earlier because the weather report called for a severe thunderstorm and 60 mile an hour winds.  Normally, weather doesn't freak her out.  She was calm during the Derecho; survived fine through Snowmagaden and didn't panic during the latest tornado warnings.  Now she has to worry about her deck umbrella blowing over.  Does she take it down for safety and risk not being able to put it back up?  Last time it took 2 full days for her to open it.  On Saturday, Taylor tried opening and closing it a bunch of times to loosen the wood, but even he said it was wicked hard to open.  When she got home from church, all was well and the umbrella was fine.  Honestly, Linda doesn't get tied to material things very often.  Chip cat destroyed her new living room chair, her favorite car was rear-ended, then someone ran a stop sign into the front and she lost an antique diamond ring.  Oh well, it's just stuff.  Just don't mess with her umbrella!  That deck furniture is her vacation this year, and she is enjoying every single second of it. 
This is our exact umbrella, only ours has stripes
I'm  mad because Linda forgot to get wet dog food on the way home. We ate the last bit for breakfast.  With all the intense rain, she drove right by Target and didn't stop.  Our dinner was dumb dry food.  Chimi will eat it no problem, but the kibble bits are too big for my mouth.  She even buys the kind advertised for little dogs.  For awhile she was putting them in a baggie and using a rolling pin to smash the nuggets, but shes gotten lazy. 
"I want my wet food"