Friday, July 26, 2013

Just Captions Today

Maybe Chimi knows something I don't. That could be why he is afraid of normal objects

Penny taking a snack break during a long bike trip

Jackpot!  Linda found rotisserie chicken on sale and bought two! It's already ground up and in freezer bags for our dinners.  True love...when a vegetarian cuts up a whole chicken because she knows I'll be happy.

Someone left this in the ladies room counter at the gym. Linda found it when she went to wash her hands.

I know a few people who would LOVE this Hulk renovation in their bathroom
Mowing the yard: 2.6 miles and over 300 calories burned.  Yay Linda!
Just one more day before Tierney leaves for her amazing trip of a lifetime. Hopefully she'll take lots of photos I can share