Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You are not the boss of me

"Why can't I be in charge once in awhile?"
When Taylor was little, he used to tell Tierney "You are not the boss of me!" when she would try to get him to play by her rules. That happened to Linda today, only it was a dog trying to tell her she wasn't the boss.  Just when Linda thought Chimi couldn't get any weirder, he goes and acts like a completely different dog.  Because she is nursing some seriously busted-up quad muscles; the running training is put on hold until Thursday.   (The new Body Combat routine is amazing, but she has been practicing and is teaching the release lots of times this week.  It's so fun though she can't wait to teach it again tomorrow!)   Instead of running, she did a fast power walk with him.  Chimi is a very, very submissive dog.  Mostly because he is afraid of life in general, but also because he loves his humans so much he never wants to disappoint them. She was thinking he would be happy to walk fast and not have to run.  Wrong.  He was slow and stopped to smell every mailbox; demanded to go down certain streets and then refused to go down others; and he also wanted to keep crossing the street at random places.  He was so bossy and disobedient that Linda was just fed up with him. 

She was going to try again tonight, but its going to be challenging enough to hobble from the couch to her bed.  The two Aleeve haven't kicked in yet.  There wasn't even any delicious food made (first non-cooking day in forever.)  Thank goodness for Trader Joe's 5-layer vegetarian bean dip and some chips or Linda wouldn't have eaten dinner. 
No idea why or when this photo of Tier was taken.. or why I'm even posting it.
His real name is Chimichanga  & mine is Chalupa.  Linda loves Mexican food.