Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy BD Linda

Hey Linda, it's your birthday!  She is a little (OK, a lot) older than Penny was at her last birthday, but she still feels so young!  This is Linda's first birthday in decades that she hasn't been in knee or back pain.  The last few weeks her body has felt like she is 20 years old... actually better than 20 because she already had 2 knee surgeries by then.  She was jump kicking last night in Combat right along with the super fit youngsters. 
1st Birthday for Penny
Noah's 1st birthday.  He loved his pony balloon. 
The ladies from class sang Happy Birthday to her and when she got home, she had lots of texts and calls wishing her a HB.  Yay!!

Linda has either been incredibly lucky with her cooking skills (not using recipes, just making it up as she goes) or she is a genius chef.  She found out today that she has just been lucky.  Some of her dishes look terrible, but still taste wonderful.  Lunch today looked terrible and tasted terrible.  Although not so terrible that she'll throw the rest out, but it was bland and tasteless.  
Black bean and spinach enchiladas
The guac and veggie chips were great, but the enchilada was blah.  Once again, she used fat free cheese since she keeps buying it and forgetting it doesn't work for cooking.  She also used a cheap Target brand enchilada sauce and only a mild salsa.  She'll need to do serious recipe make-over when she reheats it tomorrow for lunch.  There are 3 more pieces this size.  Ugh.  

Also, Linda is going off ice cream for a week.  She has had some kind of ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt every single day for months.  The last 1/2 gallon didn't last a week.  Her daily sugar grams are 4 times what her Fitness Pal goal is.  You can run a report on how you are doing with each nutrient. In the last 90 days, she has eaten between 50 and even up to150 grams of sugar a day!  Since 98% of her diet is made up of veggies and lean protein, she knows the sugar is coming from ice cream.   

At the gym this morning, the director was setting up a new body fat analysis program.  Linda tried it and got a real laugh when she looked at the results.  Not only does it give you the body fat and BMI (both were in the lean/good range) but it breaks down where you carry the body fat on your body.  She can't remember all the numbers but she does remember her arms were 14% and her abs 19%.   One leg was a few percentage points higher than the other leg too! 
Chim is in the 1-2 range for pet body fat; I'm more in the 3-4 range.  I've been a little overweight my whole adult life. The vet said I should be 5.5 pounds, but I've been 6 or 6.5 for the last few years.  Linda has tried the no-cookie; less food more exercise program, but I stay the same weight.  I keep telling her I only look fat because I'm so furry.
See! I'm skinny as a rail.