Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Pampered Pooch

There are about 30 chicken legs cooking in the giant crock pot right now.  Both Chimi and I will be yipping and dancing for the next 5 hours because the smell is making us hungry.  Linda did her Sam's Club shopping today.  Besides chicken, she bought more veggies and other fun food to make into delicious "make it up as you go" recipes.  So far she did homemade hummus and flavored it with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and artichoke hearts.
It's so easy to make you own and she can't believe all the $$ she has wasted buying the expensive pre-made stuff. Plus, this tasted amazing.   Sam's also had some pretty organic baby kale.  (She feels bad eating anything with the word baby in front of it.) Since she was just thinking she hardly ever eats salads (just roasted, broiled or pan sauteed veggies) she bought a bag.  OH YES!
She topped the kale with juicy grapes, feta cheese almonds and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing for the WIN!  These were just her lunch appetizers.  Wait to you see the real lunch...
A pizza topped with fresh spinach, feta, tomato, mozzarella, fresh chopped basil, rosemary (she's not sure what that is, but a friend gave her some that she grew and it smells really good) and more olive oil.  It's not the real deal homemade knead the flour make the dough crust, but it still gets an A for all the great toppings she added. 

I'm not sure if Linda can stand our begging and might have to give us a snack before shes ready to slice, dice and mix rice into our meals.  She is going to freeze it in smaller containers so she can pull one out every few days. It is so much cheaper to buy chicken parts and mix it with rice then to buy the canned healthy dog food. When the chicken is done, she cooks the rice right in the leftover chicken broth.  We are spoiled.  Too bad Linda doesn't eat meat or white rice, she could have lots of ready-made meals for those busy nights.

Chimi surprised her by doing much better today on his training.  He didn't disobey until the 18:18 mark.  (Linda knows because she is timing how long he can actually run before something freaks him out.)  They walked the rest of the way home and Linda went back out alone.  She listened to "I Can Only Imagine" and "Clear the Stage" on a loop over and over.  Both are amazing songs that make her tear-up (even after the 3rd and 4th time it plays.)  Speaking of disobeying, Linda is constantly amazed at the number of kids in her classes that don't know what disobeying and disobedient means.  She has to explain it every single class.  I guess parents don't say that anymore and its out of style. 
Today's Christians.  That used to be Linda, but she has given up her vegan/gluten-free ways.